Writing with Symbols Bundle

The Writing with Symbols Bundle includes Communicate: SymWriter and Communicate: In Print 2. 
Communicate: SymWriter
Communicate: SymWriter is a talking word processor that matches symbols to words to help students of all ages and abilities increase comprehension and fluency.
SymWriter comes equipped with symbol-supported grids for writing, making independent engagement in assignments and projects possible for all students. SymWriter also features built-in supports such as spell checking with symbols, and speech support for reading out letters, words, or sentences. 
SymWriter includes more than 8,000 Widgit Literacy Symbols.
Communicate: In Print 2
Communicate: In Print 2 helps users create books with pages that face one another while using symbols to encourage independence in desktop publishing. It covers a variety of topics using 7,000 Widgit Literacy Symbols in both color and black-and-white. Communicate: In Print 2 also includes Widgit Pictures, a set of 1,500 clip art and background images for creating illustrations and scenes.
Communicate: In Print supports emerging writers with speech feedback and a pictorial spell-checker. Other Communicate: In Print 2 features include:
  • Printable samples and templates that are easily customizable.
  • Ability to import and customize digital images and other graphics in any format.
  • Fully switch-accessible for use on interactive smart whiteboards
Cost Range: 
Content Area: 
Grade Level: 
birth to preschool
early elementary
intermediate elementary
IDEA Disability Category: 
developmental delay
emotional disturbance
intellectual disability
major-other health impairment
specific learning disability
speech or language impairment
traumatic brain injury
Instructional Support: 
alternate access devices and systems
multimedia products and projects
multiple formats of text and notation
multiple user profiles
Embedded Resources: 
text notes or tags
Input Options: 
scanning input
voice recognition
Output Options: 
sound output for visual tasks
Text-Embedded Prompts: 
error prompts/auto corrections
reads suggested words and prompts
spell check
spelling auto-correction
Text to Speech: 
dynamic highlighting
multiple voices
reading rate control
reads graphics descriptions
Word Prediction: 
customizable word list(s)
reads suggested/selected words
National Reading Panel Standards: 
Cursor Control Options: 
scanning cursor control
Operating Systems: 
Windows (MS 98 and newer)
English Language Arts: 
Reading: Foundational Skills
Speaking & Listening