Writing issues in college students with learning disabilities: A synthesis of the literature from 1990 to 2000

This article provides a synthesis of the literature published from 1990 to 2000 on college students with learning dis- abilities and writing difficulties (LD/WD). Thirty-eight articles met the criteria for describing writing difficulties in this cohort of students. Upon reviewing the articles, four major topics emerged: (a) assistive technology for college students with LD/WD; (b) effectiveness of assistive technology for college students with LD/WD; (c) characteristics and error patterns in the writings of college students with LD/WD; and (d) instructional support and methods. The review of the literature shows that there is an urgent need for empirical studies, especially on instructional methods and strategies. Recommendations for future research are presented.

Li, H., & Hamel, C.M.
Learning Disability Quarterly
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specific learning disability