Thinkin' Science

FEATURES Kid-Friendly Research Tool The easy-to-use Science Web tells more about animals, physics and Earth science. Physics Becomes Child's Play! Experiment with ramps, catapults, and pendulums to learn about the physics of motion. What's Hiding in the Mystery Cave? Deduce what's in the Mystery Cave by using data on smell, texture, color, shape, size, and weight. How Well Can You Remember What You See? Sharpen your observation and memory skills by returning animals to where you first saw them! Who Made This Track? Count toes, consider behavior and habitat, and examine shape, pattern, and size as you learn about animals. LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES * Logical, Sequential Thinking * Deductive Reasoning * Problem-Solving Strategies * Observation and Prediction * Memory Strategies * Manipulation of Variables * Animal Tracks and Habitats * Earth's Rotation, Day, Night and Seasons * Force and Motion Experiments UNIVERSAL ACCESS This product contains Universal Access features including TouchWindow and Single Switch compatibility to address a variety of learning styles and abilities.

Cost Range: 
Content Area: 
Grade Level: 
early elementary
IDEA Disability Category: 
emotional disturbance
major-other health impairment
specific learning disability
speech or language impairment
Instructional Support: 
multimedia products and projects
opportunities to learn concepts
practice and reinforcement activities
visualizations and models
NSTA Content Standards: 
earth & space science
life science
physical science
science as inquiry
unifying concepts & processes
Cursor Control Options: 
touch screens
Operating Systems: 
Windows (MS 98 and newer)