Space Academy GX-1

Explore the solar system with Space Academy GX-1!

As crew members of Space Academy GX-1, students investigate the astronomical basis for seasons, phases of the moon, gravity, orbits, and more. As students succeed, Grow Slides adjust to offer more advanced topics and problems. Just print the record keeping screen to track student progress and make record-keeping easy!

Special features include strong support of the National Science Education Standards and a multimedia Reference Guide for more in-depth learning

Cost Range: 
Content Area: 
Grade Level: 
intermediate elementary
middle school
IDEA Disability Category: 
emotional disturbance
major-other health impairment
specific learning disability
speech or language impairment
Instructional Support: 
multimedia products and projects
opportunities to learn concepts
practice and reinforcement activities
visualizations and models
NSTA Content Standards: 
earth & space science
science & technology
unifying concepts & processes
Cursor Control Options: 
touch screens
Operating Systems: 
Windows (MS 98 and newer)