Making strategies and self-talk visible: Writing instruction in regular and special education classrooms

Examined the effects of an intervention that attempted to improve students' expository writing abilities through instructional emphasis on teacher and student dialogs about expository writing strategies, text structure processes, and self-regulated learning. Ss were 67 experimental and 52 control high- and low-achieving and 33 experimental and 22 control learning disabled 4th and 5th graders. Dialogic instruction was effective (1) in promoting Ss' expository writing abilities on 2 text structures taught during the intervention and (2) in leading to improved abilities on a near transfer activity, in which Ss wrote using a text structure not taught during the intervention. Although controls exhibited some posttest gains on specific text structures, they were not successful in using their knowledge to write about student-selected topics and text structures.

Englert, C. S., Raphael, T. E., Anderson, L. M., Anthony, H. M., Stevens, D. D.
American Educational Research Journal, Vol. 28, 337-372.
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Content Area: 
IDEA Disability Category: 
specific learning disability
Instructional Support: 
organize and plan