Kids Math Fun

This application encourages Kindergarten children to practice the addition of two single digit (0-9) numbers, and the subtraction of two single digit (0-9) numbers (without negative answers).Children can gain confidence by doing practice addition and subtraction problems with unlimited time, or they can build proficiency by selecting "Minute Math" to see how many problems they can answer with a time limit. The app defaults to 10 problems and 60 seconds, but these can be changed in the SETTINGS area of the iPhone/iPod Touch.
Teachers are using the Kids Math Fun applications in their classrooms to reinforce addition, subtraction, and basic math skills. We added a “Double Dare” feature so children can expand their math skills by mastering the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. A “Try Again” feature allows children to develop mastery by attempting a problem again if they get it wrong.
First Grade:
Second Grade:
Third Grade:
Fourth Grade:
Fifth Grade:

Cost Range: 
Content Area: 
Grade Level: 
early elementary
intermediate elementary
middle school
Instructional Support: 
practice and reinforcement activities
Customizable Interface: 
adjustable response time
adjustable skill levels
NCTM Content Standards: 
number and operations
Operating Systems: 
Counting & Cardinality
Number & Operations in Base Ten
Number & Operations – Fractions
The Number System