JAWS works with a user's PC to provide access to software applications and the Internet by reading information on the screen aloud. Also outputs to refreshable Braille displays. New features include Research It, Word Index, a free software DAISY player, and enhancements specifically for Windows 7, including UI Automation support and improved ARIA support. The new Research It feature lets users quickly access information for any application and immediately return to what they were doing. Use just a few keystrokes to look up information such as word definitions, Wikipedia results, weather conditions, news stories, or even sports scores. 


Note: Requires Window XP or later. 

Cost Range: 
Grade Level: 
early elementary
intermediate elementary
middle school
IDEA Disability Category: 
visual impairment
Instructional Support: 
alternate access devices and systems
electronic references and resources
multiple formats of text and notation
Output Options: 
Braille output
sound output for visual tasks
Text to Speech: 
multiple voices
reading rate control
reads graphics descriptions
reads instruction
reads menus and toolbars
supports reading math equations