Interpretype® is a face-to-face communication system which meets Section 508 and ADA Compliance requirements by providing alternative solutions for individuals who are Deaf, speech impaired, or anyone in need of a non-verbal face-to-face conversation. Also known as an ITY, the new Interpretype does not require the use of on-site interpreters, VRS or VRI. However, the system is embedded with a capability to access these services whenever they are requested. Additionally, the ITY System can instantly translate text based conversations from English to/from individuals who speak only Spanish or French.

Cost Range: 
Grade Level: 
early elementary
intermediate elementary
middle school
IDEA Disability Category: 
speech or language impairment
Instructional Support: 
multimedia products and projects
multiple formats of text and notation
Output Options: 
American sign language
Operating Systems: 
Windows (MS 98 and newer)