Integrating text-to-speech software into pedagogically sound teaching and learning scenarios

This paper presents a new technique of delivery of classes--an instructional technique which will no doubt revolutionize the teaching and learning, whether for on-campus, blended or online modules. This is based on the simple task of instructionally incorporating text-to-speech software embedded in the lecture slides that will simulate exactly the delivery of an intended lecture, assisted with teaching aids such videos, animations and music, as deemed necessary. The benefits of such an approach in the educational system of the University are multifold and can be categorized in three different axes namely pedagogical, administrative and financial. Our main interests in this article lie along the pedagogical benefits (which undoubtedly overlap to some extent into administrative and financial axis) that this technique will bring in the system. While it is obvious that the initial process does consume a reasonable amount of time and gradually reveals its own complexities, constraints and limitations as described in this paper, the approach does however provide considerable elements to bring a major re-definition of the overall teaching and learning framework at the University of Mauritius. Writing

Rughooputh, S. D. D. V., & Santally, M. I.
Educational Technology Research and Development, Vol. 57(1), 131-145.
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specific learning disability
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multiple formats of text and notation