Integrating a multiple-linked representational program into a middle-school learning disabled classroom

The following preliminary study was conducted to examine the efficacy of a program designed to teach proportion problems to learning disabled students. Proportion Power is a web-based program that presents several different representations simultaneously on one unified interface and encourages the students to make connections between the different representations. The representations include the text of the problem, a list of procedures, a graph and an animation that depicts the world of the problem. Cognitive profiles were established for each student based on change in performance on both procedural and conceptual measures after participating in a class lecture that involved the teacher using the program as part of her lesson. Data shows that different students were helped in different areas of solving the proportion problems; less advanced students were able to make gains in procedural knowledge, while more advanced students showed improvement in their conceptual knowledge. The utility of the profiles for both teachers and researchers is discussed, as well plans for future research. Math

Malinow, A., & Black, J.
Proceedings from the 2003 International Conference on Computing in Education sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Chapter of the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE): Hong Kong.
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Content Area: 
Grade Level: 
middle school
IDEA Disability Category: 
specific learning disability
Instructional Support: 
opportunities to learn concepts