Identifying teacher, school, and district characteristics associated with middle and high school teachers' use of technology: A multilevel perspective

Investment in educational technology has increased rapidly in recent years and many observers have begun to question whether, and how technology is being used as a teaching and learning tool. In order to address this issue, this research used survey data collected from 1,404 "middle and high school teachers" in 52 schools across 22 Massachusetts school districts to examine how technology is being used by upper grade teachers, and examines the school and district organizational characteristics that are associated with increased use of technology as a teaching and learning tool. Specifically, this research used hierarchical linear regression (HLM) techniques to model the teacher, school and district characteristics associated with five specific teacher uses of educational technology. This research found that both teacher and organizational characteristics were each found to be associated with the five technology uses, and characteristics varied in their ability to predict the five different uses. (Contains 1 figure and 6 tables.)

O'Dwyer, L. M., Russell, M., & Bebell, D.
Journal of Educational Computing Research, 33(4), 369–393
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Grade Level: 
middle school
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electronic references and resources
opportunities to learn concepts
organize and plan
adjustable skill levels
multiple activities and level
multiple user profiles
student control
teacher control