How effective is touch math for improving students with special needs academic achievement on math addition mad minute timed tests?

This action research study examined the effectiveness of Touch Math, a math series that emphasizes use of manipulatives, to improve mathematics achievement with four third or fourth grade students with special needs (either mild mental retardation, learning disability, or health impairment). The students received mathematics instruction for 45 minutes daily (of which 20 minutes were spent on Touch Math) in a resource room setting over 14 weeks. Students were tested each week using Math Mad Minute Addition Tests. All students improved significantly in both speed and accuracy from pre-test to post-test, which supported the effectiveness of the Touch Math intervention.

Wisniewski, Z., & Smith, D.
Indiana University South Bend. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED469445).
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Content Area: 
Grade Level: 
intermediate elementary
IDEA Disability Category: 
intellectual disability
major-other health impairment
specific learning disability
Instructional Support: 
practice and reinforcement activities