Cloud Math

Cloud Math is a fun learning tool for budding math geniuses, from preschool/kindergarten through elementary. With choices of avatars, great sounds and animation, easy to control levels of difficulty and operations - practicing math has never been more fun! 

With animation and great sound effects, Cloud Math presents a set of problems to the player. For each of the problems, several avatars with possible answers bounce into view. The player's goal is, of course, to choose a correct answer. 

Difficulty level is easily controlled by a choice of operations, number ranges, number of answers to choose from, the number of problems in a set, and an option for a Fail-Safe mode.

For younger players, or simply for practice, choose a Fail-Safe mode that allows the player to successfully get to the right answer, even if it takes a few tries. Choose smaller set of problems - 5 or 7 in a row. Choose fewer avatars on the screen, so it will be easier to make a correct choice.

For more of a challenge - in addition to higher number ranges - turn the timer on, choose to have more problems in each set, select to present more avatars with possible answers on the screen.

Cost Range: 
Content Area: 
Grade Level: 
birth to preschool
early elementary
intermediate elementary
middle school
Instructional Support: 
practice and reinforcement activities
Customizable Interface: 
adjustable response time
adjustable skill levels
multiple activities and level
NCTM Content Standards: 
number and operations
Operating Systems: 
Counting & Cardinality
Number & Operations in Base Ten
Number & Operations – Fractions
The Number System