Big Day for PreK

Based around three Big Experiences a day, Big Day for PreK offers students a comprehensive, integrated, and engaging curriculum that weaves literacy, science, math, and the arts together. Big Experiences provide integrated learning opportunities and introduce children to new vocabulary, concepts, and skills.
Relevant Themes
Big Day’s multi-tiered model revolves around eight relevant and child-friendly themes that broaden as the year progresses.
Weekly Big Ideas
Using these themes as an anchor, children are guided through four weeks of instruction on each theme. Each week is centered around a Big Idea designed to engage children.
Social-Emotional Development
Based on research demonstrating the importance of integrating social-emotional development into preschool curriculum, social skills are interwoven into every activity.
Cost Range: 
Content Area: 
Grade Level: 
early elementary
intermediate elementary
IDEA Disability Category: 
emotional disturbance
major-other health impairment
specific learning disability
speech or language impairment
Instructional Support: 
multimedia products and projects
practice and reinforcement activities
Customizable Interface: 
font size and/or color
Embedded Resources: 
Input Options: 
voice recognition
Output Options: 
sound output for visual tasks
Text to Speech: 
dynamic highlighting
multiple voices
reading rate control
reads graphics descriptions
recorded human narration
National Reading Panel Standards: 
Operating Systems: 
Windows (MS 98 and newer)
English Language Arts: 
Reading: Foundational Skills
Reading: Informational Text
Reading: Literature