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Smart Tutor is an online learning system that provides individualized intervention tailored to a student's profile. Aligned to national and state standards, this research based math and reading program provides learning content in an interactive learning environment. Smart Tutor: * assesses students to determine their appropriate skill level. * identifies students in need of remediation and intervention. * establishes targeted intervention programs using teacher-assigned instruction. * establishes individualized instruction for each student.

Content Area: math, reading
Grade Level: early elementary, intermediate elementary, middle school
IDEA Disability Category: orthopedic impairment, traumatic brain injury
Operating Systems: Macintosh, Web-based, Windows (MS 98 and newer)
English Language Arts: Language, Reading: Foundational Skills, Reading: Informational Text, Reading: Literature
Math Counting & Cardinality, Expressions & Equations, Functions, Geometry, Measurement & Data, Number & Operations in Base Ten, Number & Operations – Fractions, Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Statistics & Probability, The Number System