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CLiCk, Speak

CLiCk, Speak is an open source, freely available extension for the Firefox web browser. It is part of the CLC-4-TTS Suite of products, it features a mouse driven interface, and it reads web pages - hence its name. CLiCk, Speak is designed for sighted users who want text-to-speech functionality. It doesn't identify elements or announce events - two features that are important for visually impaired users but unnecessary for sighted users. It also has a simplified, mouse driven interface that is designed to be easy for users familiar with point-and-click graphical user interfaces.

Content Area: reading
Grade Level: intermediate elementary, middle school, secondary, transition
IDEA Disability Category: major-other health impairment, specific learning disability
Operating Systems: Linux, Macintosh, Web-based, Windows (MS 98 and newer)
English Language Arts: