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abc PocketPhonics

Aimed at kids aged between 3 and 6, and using the best ‘phonics’ teaching techniques, PocketPhonics introduces kids to each of the key letter sounds. As they learn the sounds, the app guides them how to write each letter through its unique follow-me arrow making it easy to learn how to correctly form letters.

Content Area: writing
Grade Level: birth to preschool, early elementary, intermediate elementary
IDEA Disability Category: developmental delay, orthopedic impairment, specific learning disability
Operating Systems: iPad, iPhone
English Language Arts: Reading: Foundational Skills

EasyReader is designed for learners with dyslexia or related learning disabilities to allow them to hear text on screen read aloud. Browse for a new best seller or search for an old favorite. Follow along with perfectly synchronized text. Pick a color, change the text size, add a highlight or tweak the speed. Get your newspaper delivered directly. You can also copy and paste text from anywhere and EasyReader will read it, with voiceover.

Content Area: reading, writing
Grade Level: early elementary, intermediate elementary, middle school, secondary
IDEA Disability Category: visual impairment
Operating Systems: Windows (MS 98 and newer)
English Language Arts: Writing