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Kids ABC Letters

With Kids ABC Letters, your preschool-aged kids will learn the alphabet letter names and will practice letter shapes, letter recognition, and finding letters in context.

Content Area: reading, writing
Grade Level: birth to preschool, early elementary
IDEA Disability Category: orthopedic impairment
Operating Systems: Android
English Language Arts: Reading: Foundational Skills

Page turning is an important ancillary process of reading. This mechanical process, however, is a source of great challenge and inconvenience to many people, including musicians, people with disabilities, and avid readers. PageFlip introduces an electronic page turner to solve this problem. The page turner can be placed directly on a piano, music stand, kitchen counter, exercise equipment, or on the bed for convenient hands-free reading.

Content Area: reading
Grade Level: birth to preschool, early elementary, intermediate elementary, middle school, secondary, transition
IDEA Disability Category: orthopedic impairment, traumatic brain injury
English Language Arts: